Fortunately, I was able to uninstall 20 and return to X9 easily on Windows

As many have noted, Endnote 20 is a disaster. In Windows 10, when I went to uninstalled 20, I noticed that endnote X9 was still shown as installed (not surprising, 20 didn’t even do a proper uninstall of the previous version). After uninstalling 20, you can right clicking on EndNote X9, and select repair, which then basically reinstalls the program. 

What a relief not to have to deal with version 20. Also, 10 comes after 9, not 20.

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I agree, X20 is unusable. I just uninstalled X20 and went back to X9.

The fact that you can’t insert a citation from the EndNote program was a deal breaker for me, in addittion to the other functionality they removed.

X9 is not version 9. it is 19. X means 10 in roman numbers. as a result: X9: X=10 and 9