ENDNOTE X8.2 is complete garbage do not use

I downloaded endnote X 8.2 and with my high siera OSX mac laptop and the image browser, the mechanism that allows for me to view pages will not stay on the page that i want.  For example, when I download a PDF file and attach it to endnote, I cannot scoll onto and view page one.  I cannot see the first page!  Wow is it possible that endnote does not want me to see the page for some reason?  I also have experienced this issue with page five.  The infotmation in the PDF that I downloaded and have attached in the updated version of endnote is not viewable my me making the software uterly useless.  I am not trolling, I have empirical evidence to support this issue.  I posted about this issue last week, and wow nobody got back to me no advisors, no support nothing.  I stand by the heading. 

Oh I have downloaded the official version from my university twice and the same issue remains.  The issue exists with downloads since I switched to X 8.2.  I sm filled with rage over this issue, I do not hjave time to fumble with clumsy and callus programs that do not provide the most basic functions. 

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