enl-File recovery: *.enl File is lost ----- Recover Library -tool created no file

Endnote X4

Windows / 64 bit

640 entries in the library

1.5 Gb Literatur.Data- Folder

My   Literatur.enl      file is lost   

        (due to the forced restart of the system-Windows by the “Automatic Update Function”)

The Literatur.Data  folder is still there and the files look fine and can be opened.

I tried the procedure described

I copied the                    Literatur.Data folder to another partition

I generated an empty  new_file.txt in that directory, which contains Literatur.Data as a subfolder

I renamed the new file to the name    Literatur.enl

I started Endnote

I went to Tools, chose the “… Recover Library” and waited a moment.

Then I got the following message from Endnote:

0 references were recovered into the new library Literatur-saved.enl

Be shure to use this copy in place of the original damaged library.

Term lists in the new library need to be need to be updated using the Update List command in the Tools menu.

No new file was created !!!

Any suggestions, what might be the reason ?

Any suggestions, what to do?

don’t try “recover the library”, just try opening  that .enl file!

If I open the file Literatur.enl, located in the same directory where the Literatur.Data Folder is placed, the I only get the message: Endnote Error

The file remains empty and 0byte size

At this point, I would recommend creating a zipped archive of the .Data folder and sending it to Technical Support. Right click on the folder and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder.


Jason Berman
Technical Sup Rep RS

Thomson Reuters

Phone: +1 800-336-4474

The zipped archive is 1.5Gb in size !

I think thats too much, for to send it through the net, isn’t it ?

1.5 GB would be too large to send through email, but Technical Support has other methods to receive the file. Once you contact Technical Support, a representative will send you a link where you can upload the zipped archive.

Jason Berman
Technical Sup Rep RS

Thomson Reuters

Phone: +1 800-336-4474


I wrote a message into the contact form on Your website 25min ago.

I got an automatic answer, they will answer in 2 days.

If it was urgend I should give them a call.

Of cause it is urgent in that I’m just working in science and am reading and writing.

But I would prefer to email with them, than to call between continents with 5-8 hours time difference.

Is there an email-address for this purpose ?

Just to keep You posted:

The next day I got an email from Thomson Reuter in Bangalore India. I followed their request and sent an 1.3Gb zipped archive of the Literatur.Data folder there, Now I wait, if they find out, what’s wrong, why the rebuild with Endnote doesn’t work.

The Thomson Reuters Technical Support succeeded to recreate the *.enl files from the *.data folder.

The problem was the file length of the paths which Endnote has generated for its own pdf-file-copies.

This path length is still a problem as it prevents the generation of any backup or copy, i.e. using the File__Compressed Library command.