ENP and bar codes?

Does ENP have the capability to read bar codes and create records?  This would be most useful to catalog books.  I’m trying to decide whether to buy “Collections” (half off today at MacZot):  “With your iSight, place the product bar code in front of the camera and that’s it, simple as that.”

This would be great for insurance purposes.  I’ve used the Label field in ENP to indicate “I have” for the same purpose, but reading bar codes would let me quickly add numerous books to ENP.  Can ENP do it this way???

EndNote has the capacity to possibly store the bar code file - depending upon the type of file format - but does not have the ability at present to “read” the barcode, interpret the information, then use the information to generate a record to be stored within an EndNote library file.

However, if the “Collections” program is able to scan the barcode, save the information in a format (with some data manipulation) that can be imported into EndNote (e.g., delimited file) it might be possible to construct EndNote records in this fashion.

though ENP does not have the ability to scan barcode, we can give third-party barcode scanner add-in a try and in this way we can also scan barcode and get information.