Packaged library behaviour on a Mac?

This may be “support” rather than “training” but I’ve tried it in the general forum with no suggestions.

I’ve just encountered a user who managed to save his library in .enlp format.

This was on a mac and I only have a windows machine for testing, so I can’t reproduce exactly what he was doing, although I succeeded in saving a copy of the library in .enl format with its accompanying .Data folder. 

The main symptom that was causing him difficulties (and made him come to our help-desk for advice) was that he could no longer attach new PDFs to records - presumably because .Data no longer existed in its normal state - and that PDFs he’d previously attached to other records no longer opened when clicked.

Once I retrieved the .enl and .Data pair he could add new PDFs once more, but still couldn’t access the ones he’d attached before creating the package library.

Is this normal behaviour?

He’d also done some odd things in his attempts to retrieve the situation, like saving copies of his library INSIDE the .DATA folders of earlier versions of the library, which I guess would tend to confuse EndNote and I’ve advised him strongly that there is nothing inside .DATA that humans can safely tinker with directly.

However I’d appreciate any suggestions on whether there’s something more useful I could have done to retrieve the situation.

Also, what do other people do in terms of training users about the .enl .DATA pairing? Maybe our users here are unusually inclined to experiment with things that are better left alone, but the .DATA folder seems to have a fatal attraction for lots of them and they can’t resist either putting things into it (usually pdfs or copies of the .enl file) or trying to take files out.

Rosemary Rodd
LLCC, University of Cambridge Computing Service

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Hi Rosemary,

Saving the library as a .enlp package should not have caused the problem, but putting the .enl file inside the .Data folder would have broken the PDF “links” made prior to moving the .enl file inside the .Data folder.

If you still want to trouble-shoot this, I would back up everything you have so far and then repiece the library as follows:

  1. Make sure EndNote isn’t running.

  2. Check the .Data folder to see if there are any .Data folders within .Data folders. If there are, then copy any and all PDFs to the “pdf” folder in the main .Data folder.

  3. Delete all the .Data folders within the main .Data folder.

  4. Move the .enl file out of the main .Data folder.

  5. Start EndNote, open the library, and see if the PDFs open and if you can attach new PDFs.

These suggestions are based on what you’ve told me, but it might be a good idea to call tech support for further assistance: 800-336-4474

When training, the best thing we can do is make users aware of the pitfalls of going inside the .Data folder and hope they remember this when they are on their own.

Good luck!

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Thanks for that. I think he’s put the links back manually by now, but it’s a useful horror story to tell students to convince them to LEAVE .DATA ALONE