Erroneous Direct Export: to "Endnote Web" when "Endnote" button selected in Web of Science

I am using up-to-date  Endnote X 4 for the Mac, using latest Firefox.  I am able to direct export from Web of Science to MyEndnoteWeb, but unable to export directly to Endnote on the Desktop.  What happens is that as soon as I hit the “Endnote” button I get this message: " (JavaScript Application) … 2 references exported to Endnote Web".

No other message or choice is offered.  Any comments?


If you would like to direct export references to EndNote X4, you would need to reconfigure your EndNote Web browser add-on to halt it from redirecting the exported references to EndNote Web.  To do so-

1.  Open Firefox and click “Tools>Add-ons”. 

2.  From the Add-ons screen, click on the “Extensions” tab, find the EndNote Web add-on and press its “Preferences” button. 

3.  When the EndNote Web Preferences window appears, uncheck the “Redirect the following MIME types…” option and then close the window. 

4.  Close the Add-ons window and test the direct export functionality again.

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Thank you so much, it worked, seamlessly!  This is a great feature.