Error when modifying style: Date accessed not showing date

I’m trying to edit the APA 5th output style so that the Electronic Article reference types includes the Date Accessed field.

After inserting the field and required punctuation in the styles editor and saving the style as a new name, the Electronic Article reference type shows the words “Date Accessed” instead of the actual date (i.e. 01/22/2009). See example below:

Arrington, M. (2009). Facebook now nearly twice the size of MySpace worldwide. Techcrunch. Retrieved Date Accessed,  from

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Thank you!

DrV, coincidentally I ran into the same problem. I figure that it was my interpretation of what an Electronic Article is. My work around was to classify the Reference Type as a Web Page. There are two Access Date areas to enter the retrieval dates. I use the top one, right below the Publisher field. The lower Access Date I believe is for tables and charts.

After entering my retrieval dates in this way, the bibliography was fine.


Thank you for offering a work-around.

I changed the Blog reference type to look more what I want it to. I used the syntax below:

Author. (|Year|). Title of Entry| Title of WebLog|. Retrieved Access Date|, from URL

the resulting citation in APA 5th is:

Arrington, M. (2009). Social networking: Will Facebook overtake MySpace in the U.S. in 2009? Techcrunch. Retrieved 02/06/2009 from

So it works for me, but it’s still puzzling that the SAME thing doesn’t work for the Electronic Article.

For the Electronic Article reference type, I can’t seem to be able to change it. The syntaxes:

Author. (Year). Title. Periodical Title, Volume|(Issue)|, Pages|. Retrieved Access Date|  from URL|. doi:DOI


Author. (Year). Title. Periodical Title, Volume|(Issue)|, Pages|. Retrieved Date Accessed|  from URL|. doi:DOI

result in:

Arrington, M. (2009). Facebook now nearly twice the size of MySpace worldwide. Techcrunch. Retrieved Access Date|  from


Arrington, M. (2009). Facebook now nearly twice the size of MySpace worldwide. Techcrunch. Retrieved Date Accessed|  from

I’ll post again if I get a response from Endnote tech support.

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the “Access Date” is the field name in the Ref type Blog (and is equivalent to “Number” in Generic Ref Type).  The field name for electronic Article is “Date Accessed” and is equivalent to “Date” in Generic Ref Type.  In Blog that is used for “Last Update Date”.  I am not sure why the character is before "Retrieved" in your Electronic Article template.  Note it isn't there in the Blog.  Usually you put thebefore and after words that are also a field name that you want to display as the words and not the field.  So if you wanted to write Volume 25 then the template would say Volume*Volume (where the * is the non-breaking space (link adjacent).  In your example you have the open but not the closing `, so it is keeping exactly what is between it and the next one, the one in front of URL. 

Author. (Year). Title. Periodical Title, Volume|(Issue)|, Pages|.Retrieved Date Accessed|  from URL|. doi:`DOI

This is the reply I got from customer support:

Dear Sir/Madam,


The output style by default has:
Retrieved from

The characters make all of the text inside of them appear, this is used when you need text to appear in the bibliography but that text is also the name of a field. You would need to remove the before and after the text:
Retrieved Date Accessed, from

Thank you for contacting Thomson Reuters Scientific Global Customer Support.  Your support case number:TS-00060685  Case Reason:Preferences/Customize and Case SubReason: has been resolved and closed.

I haven’t had time to implement this or Leanne’s solution, but between the two of them, there might be enough info to consider this issue solved.