Access Date


I am using EndnoteX3 and APA 5th in Word 2007. I need to state the date that I have accessed online articles, journals, websites and the like.  I can’t seem to get the ‘access date’ to come up in my referencing.

Hopefully this is an easy fix.

Thank you for your help

You may be aware that APA style has omitted the need for including an access date unless the cited item has a volatile aspect such that it’s subject to ongoing/frequent change (i.e., wikis, news, etc.).  However, in the event you still wish to include an access date you will need to modify your APA 5th output style’s template.

  1. To access the APA output style, go to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT APA 5th. This will cause the APA 5th style main screen to be displayed.

  2. In the APA 5th’s main screen look at the left column, locate “Bibliography” then click the “Template” option. [See attached image.] This will display the assorted bibliogrphy reference templates.  Locate the template you want to change by clicking the “Reference Type” pull-down menu. 

  3. When you’ve located the template you want to adjust, place your cursor where you wish to have the Access Date field inserted. Then click the “Insert Field” pull-down menu, locate and select ACCESS DATE. [Refer to attached image.] This will insert the field in the template.  Repeat steps #2  and #3 for other templates that you wish to adjust.

  4. When you’re done, close the APA 5th style’s main screen to save the changes. You will be asked if you wish to save the changes, click YES. Test the template by entering the access date in one of your library entries. 

BTW, there’s also an APA 6th output style available at the Thomson Reuters website:

Thank you so much!  I appreciate your help!