Error with Endnote's placement of author initial


My in text citations are all fine except if the author’s surname is Barlow then Endnote adds the authors first initial ie. I want the ref to look like (Barlow, 2004) excpet Endnote produces (J. Barlow, 2004). All the other references are fine. Interestingly, I have two authors with the surname Barlow (an A. Barlow and a .J Barlow) and Endnote does the same thing for both authors.

I presume this error is in the travelling library but I can’t fix it.


No, it isn’t a traveling library issue.  It is that most publications want to know if you are talking about two different authors with the same surname.  It is handling the instance exactly correct. 

If you want to over-ride this preferred behavior, you need to edit the output style setting controlling this.  The setting is in Citations, Ambiguous Citations and you would untick the box in front of “Include the authors initials or full name in citation”.  Save as to a new output style name (like- unorthodox-style), and then ensure that you switch to that output style in the word document in question on the endnote ribbon or in the format bibliography dialog box.