Urgent: Problem with Author names after importing to Word document



I have about 30 references which I manually added to my Endnote library.


After importing these references to Word, almost all of them had a problem with the second author name -

it writes initials instead of writing the full last name and the first name initial, for example :


Instead of: 1. Zeheleva, E., Kolcz, A., and Getoor, L. -  it writes: 1. Zehelva, E., K.A., and Getoor, L.


Sometimes when there is a single author, the program also gets it wrong and only writes the initial, e.g. PA, G. instead of Gloor, PA.


It’s important to note that the names are all entered correctly in the Endnote library

(like so:

Zeheleva, E.

Kolcz, A.

Getoor, L.)

It is only a problem with the insert of a selected citation into the Word document.


Thank you very much!



Let us know how your output style>bibliography>author name look like.

Or, please attach the output style you are using.

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Have you entered each author on its own line in your manually entered records?  This looks like you may have entered them all on one line. 

Zeheleva, E.

Kolcz, A.

Getoor, L.

(and no commas). 

Could you create a text file and attach it here, which you have exported a few of the references to with the “annotated” style?  or contact me thru private message.