et al in APA style

When we have more than 2 authors, in APA style, and after the fist reference should be et al. (Moura et al., 2010) without a comma between the name and et al. …  however, my Endnote X3 show (Moura, et al., 2010) whith a comma between the name and et al. Why???


There might be a comma in the “between” option box of your APA output style that should be removed.

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT APA [version you’re using - for this example, I’m using APA 5th].  This will display the APA 5th main screen.

  2. In the left column (see attached image), click to select “Author Lists” which is listed just below the “Citations” section. Under “Author Separators”,for 1 to 2 authors, check that the BETWEEN box is blank. I suspect there might be a comma present which causes one to be inserted after the first author’s name (Moura, et al., 2010).  If there is a comma in the “between” box, just backspace/delete it then close the APA style.

  3. You will be prompted to save the changes. Note that unless you change the style name, it will be saved as a copy (APA 5th Copy). You will then need to change-over to the APA 5th Copy otherwise the changes will not be displayed in your library.

You might try downloading a new version of this from the support pages.  I think they fixed the problem awhile back.

Thank you CrazyGecko,

I fix the problem with your help. The problem isn’t in the first box but the last. See image in attachment.

I also attach the APA 5th sytle with the fix for et al. when 3 or more authors.

Thank again.

Octavio Moura

APA 5th.ens (54.4 KB)

Hey my friends~

I try for more than 2 hours, however, after i saved  the changes. The problem still there,

I delete the , before et al in the author list,

canot figure out what is wrong?


Can you clarify your problem?  Can you not save the edited style, or does the style appear to be changed, but not being applied?  Can you try to download a fresh version of the style or attach the style you have to the message and we can look at it.    


Your post was very helpful for a few of my problems but I’ve still got one more problem. What if I want to get rid of comma after et al.? I have tried a lot of things in Citation Author of the output style but I can’t delete this comma. 

I get Brown et al., 2002 whereas I want it to look like Brown et al. 2002


In the Author lists for citation, there shouldn’t be a comma behind the et al. in either the first or subsequent boxes.  see attached.  – Mine doesn’t have one anyway.  If that doesn’t work --attach your current style and one of us can take a look see?  


I have followed the instructions and deleted the comma but the changes are not being saved, once I go back to the document it changes again to Author & Author instead of Author et al.