et al. in Reference List

I’ve got an article that I need to cite that has 20 (!) authors and I need to provide the name of each author in a reference list. EndNote, however, lists only the first few followed by et al.

How to I eliminate the “et al.” and list all of the authors?


Edit>Edit output styles>Edit (your style)>Author list (Bibliography and/or Citations)

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I just tried that and it still doesn’t work (I can’t figure out why). Interestingly, the citation now hows up properly in the EndNote Preview Window but not in MS Word (2007).

FYI, I’m using the latest EndNote, Windows 7, on a 64 bit machine. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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I just found the problem - first, I had to follow the instructions provided by myoshigi. When that didn’t seem to solve the problem and I couldn’t find the solution while searching around in EndNote, I took a look at the settings for EndNote in MS Word 2007 - that was where the problem was. After changing the settings in EndNote, I had to go into the EndNote X3 tab in Word, expanded the Bibliography ribbon item and had to CHANGE the output style. When APA 6th came out, I’ve been using that as my template. The settings in Word, however, still showed that APA 5th was being used (ugh!)  - so . . . I changed the output style to APA 6th in Word and that fixed the problem. :smileyvery-happy:

Yes, by design, Endnote will remember the style last used to format a specific manuscript. Changing the style in the Endnote program doesn’t affect the existing manuscripts.   This is usually good, because you might be working on more than one paper at a time, with different formating requirements. Glade you got it sorted.