Endnote multiple authors

I have a paper that has 26 authors plus two organisations listed as authors.  The actual reference itself seems to come up fine, but the citation refuses to include et al. and only has the first author and year, how do i fix this?

Which output style file are you using? You will need to edit* the Author Lists setting in your output style file to identify the number of authors to list followed by “et al”. (Refer to attached image which shows listing the first six authors followed by et al, for the first appearance; and subsequent citations will list just the first three authors followed by et al.

*Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit > Output Styles > Edit [name of your output style file]. In the pop-up dialog box click “Author Lists” in this Citation section. Modify the settings as needed. When you exit the dialog box the changes will be saved to a new output style file with the word “Copy” added to the file name. Change the Endnote tab setting in the MS Word ribbon to use the new output style file.


Appreciate you help!  The original Word document uses, APA 6. That’s the style that was in place when I imported my references to EndNote. 

Since I am writing a book, I had thought about using MLA 8 as opposed to APA 6.  Opinion?

Chuck Billow

It is not allowing me to do this . The journal I am submitting to, needs 3 authors to be listed and if more add et. al I am using " Numbered" style.

It is not changing anything.