Export author count to a spreadsheet

Hi all,

I am working with a very large ENL (~10,000 citations, the majority of which have more than one author), and I am trying to import the following into an Excel file:

Author name - # of times they appear

So, for example, if Smith, J.S. appears on 25 different citations, I would like the following output:

Smith, J.S.  25

Is this possible? Is there a workaround using EndNote/Excel?



I think you can achieve this thru the “subject bibliography” setting on Author.  An example of the settings you can set are shown in the attachment where I sorted on term count.  You might prefer by author-alphabetical.  The output is into a word document (as an rtf), but you should be able to do search and replace to get rid of the parentheses and move it into an excel spread sheet with a minimum of fuss.  You might ask that this feature be adapted with more output options.  You might be able to generate a reference output style that is more flexible.  I didn’t try that.  

Thank you, Leanne! This works perfectly!