Help on use of Scientometric tools (for instance, extract author location)

Hello everybody :smileyvery-happy:! I’m from Brazil.

Currently, i’m conducting a scientometric analysis. After importing references from PubMed and ClinicalTrials, I now have them (around 700) in my endnote list. I’m looking for a software that can extract information like author location and qualis of publication from endnote exported references (or any database at all). I’m looking for this for ages, it would help me a lot and save me time from manual and boring work of having to extract everything one by one and writing it down. I know some sofwares that can do this directly from Web of Science search, but I failed to made them run using endnote exported references. 

I thank you for your willingness to help!

It’s unclear to me how you are exporting your Endnote references. However, if you use the Endnote"Tab Delimited" output style to export your references as a text (.txt) file, you could import the text file into MS Excel and each Endnote field will appear in its own column. So, for example, Author Address will appear as a separate column in the spreadsheet with each row showing the Endnote data for each Endnote reference.

And then I would be able to count directly from the cells of Excel? This seems great.

I tried exporting in several different ways from the pre configured export styles on the “export references” tab. 

Some softwares could mount a world map directly from web of science research results and do some other stuff like mounting a web of connections between the files, creating graphs, etc. I have not being able to import from endnote, maybe because there is not as much info as there is in a WoS search.

Some of softwares I’m talking about are Citespace and CitNetExplorer, but I was not able to use any of them. 

But the excel idea seems nice. I heard there are lots of options on excel, it will turn the labour more “manual” than a software but it’s still quick. I will certainly give it a try and try to learn with some excel tutorials.

Thank you very much for your help, that was fast! If somebody still knows a software to facilitate the process of data extraction and management, I would appreciate it very much.

@hawthorne wrote:

And then I would be able to count directly from the cells of Excel?

Yes, Excel is a spreadsheet which enables mathematical and statistical calculations so you would be able to automatically sum numerical data or count non–numerical data. Excel is also capable of generating charts and graphs linked to data files which allows for automatic updating when changes are made to a data file.

For information on  how to include Endnote field names  as column  headers in the Excel spreadsheet  refer to this thread.