Export reference with additional info

It would be great to be able to export a reference, say to an email, with additional information attached, for example any keywords and notes/research notes that were attached to the reference. When exchanging references with the poor misguided souls who do not use Endnote (and wail and gnash their teeth in the exterior darkness, etc) it would be great to be able to send this information with a couple of clicks, rather than having to copy and paste it in every time.


Providing additional information about the reference (e.g., keywords, notes, research notes) is currently possible (although not as seamless as sending the emailed reference). It can be achieved by creating a filter to export the specified fields (with corresponding field name) in a vertical data structure which in turn could be attached to an email or copied and pasted into the email message.

Neat if you didn’t have to go to all that fuss though. It may be that I am the only person who ever does this, but I very often want to email a reference with the notes just to point out some particularly crucial issue.

Doesn’t the annotation style provide this, by copy paste?  (ctrl+K)