Sending reference by mail

It would be great, if you can make it possible to send reference directly from Endnote and particluarly in this way:

From all my references I want to select a few references and send those with the attached papers to a colleague who is also using Endnote. He would then just load the file which he received into his endnote library and have not only the references, but also the files attached to it. 



You can already compress a few selected references into a mini library and save it, and then email that mini-library. I guess you just can’t do it all from endnote.  

Can you explain how this process would work?

However, I would prefer a “one-button solution”. Just clicking a few references and hitting the button. Then Endnote should create one file that embeds the endnote references and the pdf. It could maybe be a ZIP file with two files included. However, the best would be that the sender only needs to click ones on a file and then gets the references added to his library including the attached PDFs.