Export to Endnote

Hi All,

I need to export DataTable to Endnote in ASP.NET. Could anybody help me in this.

As I dont have much idea for Endnote.

Its very urgent

Thanks in Advance

It sounds like you may not actually need the API. If you are just importing data a few times, you can import libraries manually. The process goes something like this:

  1. You export the data as a string of text, probably in a file on the ASP side of things.
  2. This data must adhere to some format. 
  3. You use EndNote to import the file, specifying the format that it was exported in by choosing an import filter.

The import filter specifies which the format of the data that you are importing. EndNote includes import filters for many common formats such as RIS, and many others used by online services. Additionally, there are import filters available for download online.

One option is to export your data in such a way that it adheres to one of these formats. However, it is possible that these formats may not quite meet your needs. In this case, you can either create your own import filter or can modify a preexisting one.

If you do need to programmatically import references, the EndNote API can be used to do this. You will still need to export the data and have an appropriate import filter. There are samples of creating EndNote pluigns and using EndNote to import records included with the manual: http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-API/The-EndNote-RSServices-API-is-now-available/td-p/13881

I’ve actually done something that sounds a lot like what you want to do. I have a webservice that exports a list of records in a custom RIS format. I grab data from this web service and use the EndNote API with a custom import filter to create a new library containing these records.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! Also, if you could give a bit more detail about what you are trying to do, I think we could provide you with better answers.