Few crucial suggestions

2.Annotation in the margin
4.Copy pdf text

I think these four function are necessary for a good document reader

My suggestion is for endnote iPad version

I use EndNote for Ipad in combo with X6 and advanced EndNote web. It is anice system, and one important function of the ipad is that you can read pdfs in situ, and sync back markings, notes. Working with some 5000 references it is important to find your way, and navigate to the papers that you intend to read. Suggestions for this:

  • in X6 now there is a starring system. Woud be nice if starring would be synced to web and ipad

  • on ipad only downloaded pdfs are marked with fronpage thumbnail image. Would be nice if papers with pdf available or not available could be told apart (a paperclip could be shown)

  • would be useful if syncing could be paused

  • in a view where groups are collapsed and reference deatails are seen on the right, would be nice, if top-fields could be condensed, or that pane splitted, so that abstract could be seen in the bottom half of the right pane (would be a useful view for landscape orientation)

  • also would make life easier if poking on an entry in the right panel reference view, one could directly make edits