Tablet support (Ipad, Kindle), paperless libraries and cloud computing

Dear Endnote techs,

Currently Endnote is by far the best program on  the market for duel use as a citation program and electronic library - the recent addition of automatically finding and attaching PDFs has been a major addition in this effort. Now, however, Endnote must make a program which can be used on tablets primarily for the use of reading and annotating PDFs. Importantly,the library must become mobile - ie changes (edits, comments, highlghts, notes) made on a PDF in the tablet library must be then transferred to all other copies of that Endnote library the user owns (e.g. laptop, desktop). The quick fix for this would be to have different devices sync, replacing older PDFs with those to which changes have been made. The best fix would be to move to a cloud computing model, whereby the PDFs are stored on a Thompson Reuters server for each user and each device connects to this library so that any changes made are made to the single multi-use library. I am sure that customers would be willing to pay for cloud storage for such a mobile library. Endnote web appears to be a move towards cloud computing but we now need Endnote Web plus which would allow purchasing of storage and cloud computing for endnote libraries with PDFs.

I firmly believe that if Endnote brought out such facilities in the near future, this program would dominate the markets. Nearly every scientist and editor i know prints out many manuscripts before boarding planes or going on other travel. THe ability to replace such papers with an electronic, editable library which would be accessible from multible workstations would become a huge hit overnight.


I would certainly second this (as well as the praise for how far EndNote has come to date). I would hope, though, that there would be an option for a user-run server along with a Thompson server/cloud. Because EndNote web is limited to 10K records without attachments, it is much too limited for some of us.

Yes - these are all things we are hearing from many customers and are currently working on:

  • iPhone / iPad apps / mobile-optimized web access

  • File Attachments for the web-based version of EndNote with the ability to transfer these files back and forth to the desktop.

  • “Unlimited” records in an EndNote Web library.

We do not have specific timelines for exactly when these will all be ready (we wish we could say tomorrow!) but the team is hard at work on all of these new features and improvements.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Is there any way I could get on the beta test for the iPad/iPhone app? I’ve had my fair share of beta testing across several different software houses and really want to try out sync of my endnote library onto my iDevices.

Many thanks,


Yes - send me an email and I will add you to the list of potential beta testers.

jason [dot] rollins [@] thomsonreuters [dot] com

I’d be a tester as well–it would be wonderful addition.

I couldn’t agree more with this.

I would so appreciate it if my Kindle sync-ing with Endnote became the equivalent of my iPod sync-ing with iTunes.  That would be a god send!!

And if you ever need a beta tester for Kindle, please do let me know!

On my iPhone and on the library’s iPad I have installed Medeley app.

With this app I can locally and mobile check records and attached pdf’s.

It works in a lousy way.

But for my favortie citation management programm Endnote, there is no app.

In very old days there was a kind of Endnote app for Palm…

So I certainly would be very very happy if there could be something like an Endnote App for iPhone/iPad.

Massive 1up on this - I can’t wait for iPhone/Pad compatibility.  Mendeley already has this nailed.

We are working on an EndNote iPad app that will be ready later this year. EndNote Web is already optimized for viewing on smart phones like iPhone.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I am looking forward for this software on the ipad!!!

Endnote is going to be left in the dust if it cannot be more responsive to user needs.  Endnote is expensive, but I have put up with its quirkiness and constant upgrades because I am heavily invested in it for my workflow.  I imagine that I am not the only user who is now looking seriously at alternatives like Sente, which has had an iPad app out for several months.  I am not inclined to put everything on hold for an undefined wait time while Thomson-Reuters maybe will come out with a solution…one day…eventually…perhaps.

The iPhone optimised Endnote Web is great and thanks for doing it, but obviously its the PDF storage on the iPhone that would be the game-changer.  Cheers

Well… evidently the answer from “JasonR” was a blatant lie, or is the EndNote team “hard at work” for the iPad3 ?

given the amount of time they took to develop the Palm export function, I would say they’re working on iPad 12 or so.

When you basically have, what, 98% of the market?, there is no real need to try too hard to satisfy customers since they don’t have any serious choices for alternate products.

I am a Ph.D. student at the London School of Economics and completely agree that the endnote team should work intensively on an ipad app. Reading journal articles and making annotations on the Ipad has become an important part of my research activity. Bearing in mind, that the Ipad has come out more than one year ago, I am starting to wonder whether I should stop using endnote and transfer my bibliography to papers or sente.

Well I am stuck at a crossroads.  I am a PhD student and am just about to begin my literature survey so I have some time, but not too much, to figure out a process for filing of papers.

I was recommended to use EndNote by my advisor and he also recommended papers.  Our library has very good functionality with EndNote and it is very easy to search from our library and compile an EndNoteWeb structure.  For this reason alone, I will likely use EndNote since I think this is the most critical step.

What I then want is the ability to place everything on my Ipad, but this does not seem possible.  I have tried different forms of exporting.  Exporting *.xml librariies from EndNote seems like the only route, but it will not include attachments so that is not optimal.  I can also simply manually install *.pdf’s to my Ipad which is not hard, but then all of the reference data is lost.  I have even tried to utilize *.enlx libraries from EndNote, but I can not find a way to get them to papers or my Ipad.

I would be open to beta testing any Ipad EndNote option or if anyone knows a work around to export an EndNote library with attachments to either papers or an Ipad.

Thanks in advance.

R/Brad Baker

Mech-E PhD Student

I am wondering how far the development of a tool linking kindle and endnote has gone so far. As all the other users above I am highly interested in seeing this working. I am using kindle for most of my academic literature and would like to see the comments made in the documents transferred into the endnote library. If there is a beta version available, I would be more than happy to test this. I am using x5.





We are not working on any type of Kindle integration for EndNote at this time - and have only heard this mentioned a few times. We are hard at work on the iPad version of EndNote which we plan to have ready in the next few months.

Using the Kindle and EndNote APIs, it may be possible for someone to develop something for the Kindle. If anyone is interested in trying this, we would be happy to help answer technical questions.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I’m very pleased to hear that Thompson Reuters is developing a version of EndNote for the iPad.

It would be better if TR’s marketing arm announced this product sooner rather than later.  My firm is already ordering department-scale shipments of iPad’s and our scientists need clarity on what solutions for literature management and PDF markup are available for the default build.   As much as I prefer EndNote, it will be difficult to argue internally for specifying it while its delivery date for the iPad is vague and there are competing alternatives ready to go.