Fiind full Text

In EN20 it is not possible to use “Find full text” before putting the retrieved reference in a group.
This is just counterproductive to a straightforward search. Before putting a search result to a group you should be able to retrieve the pdf for sake of relevance.
Please change to the performance of further version e.g. ENX
Update 29.08.2023: Today it was possible to upload a pdf without including it in a library. Possibly it it an issue of the connection file?

I believe it needs to be in the library, and not just in the search results – it doesn’t have to be in a group. I move it to the library first. Otherwise I believe Endnote worries, we will forget to save it to the library.

But it was possible in EN X´and former version. I like to check the pdf first before i put in the my library.

yeah, and you even could cite it - which caused issues latter on, so developers removed that too…

Shouldn t you only cite references which are in your library?
I prefer not bot cite references “on the fly” for sake of replicability of the manuscript
@leanne:please see my update on my first post

Glad you have the functionality you were looking for. Must have been a temporary glitch as you say in your edited original post. I still manage all the find full texts after I copy them to my library, usually with an edited keyword, so they can be added to smart groups automatically, then I perform the find full text on the most recent additions. We each have our own process. (I do not work for Endnote).

@leanne First thanks for the hint with “keywording” for automatically adding references to a smart group, I will try.
Concerning the glitch, i will observe whether this prob occures in certain journals only and/or it it reproducible.

If you select a set of references, you can find the full text. It won’t work if you don’t do that.

It doesnt work with only one reference.

Hi leanne today i experienced the mentioned prob with unability to retrieve a pdf not before putting it to a smart group. So it it not a glitch, regretably.
You mentioned in your post that after keywording an automatic adding references into an smart group. My quests: it this an certain function of EN (version?). What to you do with the keywords they come with the reference?
Thanks Frank

Not sure I understand. but full disclosure, I am still working with X9 version. so the retrieving PDF might not work the same in ver 20 or 21.

I use the smart groups functionality on several fields, so if I am interested in a record going into a smart group, it is often based on one of several similar keywords or words appearing in the title. To make sure, I usually globally edit the keywords to add my favorite to make sure it puts the records I recently retrieved with a search into the appropriate smart group.

Okay Thx, I will try it