Dumming down EndNote for large libraries

I’ve been asked by George, a Clarivate Analytics Product Support Analyst, to post the following:


My main Library is presently 383124 references. To get any plausible response time out of EndNote on my iMac

3.4 GHz, with internal SSD, I had to take two drastic steps:

  1. Avoid Smart groups.
  2. Replace attached PDFs by aliases to them.

There is an easy fix for #1: allow the user to control when Smart Groups are updated.

Due to #2, I can no longer search the contents of my PDFs via EndNote. It would be nice if EndNote could detect that it was dealing with an alias, and use it to find the PDF and search it.

There are also minor nuisances with Groups. I have thousands of them. As a result:

  1. If I want to find a reference and add it to a group, I have to scroll to All References. That can be quite a distance.
  2. I have to store the locations of the groups in my own brain, much of which is write-only memory.

The simple fix for #1 is to allow “Search Whole Library” in the Search menu no matter what Group one is in. Presently it only shows up for All References. Alternatively, the My Library column could avoid scrolling All References off the top, and just always leave it on the screen.

The fix for #2 would be a Find Group command (or a brain upgrade).

Of course, a Merge command would also be nice. I have lots of duplicates that I’d like to merge, rather than have EndNote delete the extras, because they’re not always identical. The Merge should include Record Summary: Custom Groups.


If you know better workarounds, please reply.