Filter programming question

Hi all!

I have a import file with the following data in the title tag:

TI  - Does vitamin C really help against colds? Commentary. [German]

I want to get rid of all info except the title for the import (or diverte the extra data to other fields).

Programming the filter in the following way:

TI  -    Title. {IGNORE}

removes the language info, but not the document type info (commentary). I’ve tried different versions with including another {IGNORE}, but this removes the title all other data for all references in the import (regardless if they have extra data together with the title or not).

Any suggestions about how to fix this (if it is possible at all)?

The filter in question is Embase (OvidSP) from X5.

PS! This filter has an error that includes pp together with page number when you import. This error is due to missing pp in (pp Pages) in the third SO tag programming line (at least including pp fixed the problem).


Best wishes

Jan Ove

Interesting puzzle. You want to truncate the title so it ends with the question mark: Does vitamin C really help against colds?  However, the tag is set-up (below) to conclude with a period and the only period in the title occurs after the word “commentary.” So it creates the import result: Does vitamin C really help against colds? Commentary.

TI  -    Title . {IGNORE}

I suspect if you changed the period to a question mark then you would get the title: Does vitamin C really help against colds?  (Without the second part of the title.) However, this would be impractical as it won’t address situations where titles don’t include a question mark. 

If this affects only a few records then maybe either manually adjust the imported reference or  import the text file into MS Word and use the Find/Replace feature to adjust the entries.



I discovered after posting that it probably was the ? who made the problem. All other references (ending with .) was imported without any extra data.

I agree that this kind of references are in minority and the best solution is to manually edit these in EndNote after the import.

Best wishes

Jan Ove