Find Duplicates in X3

Yesterday I tried out the handling of duplicates in X3. Here are my comments:

  • It`s a nice extra feature to compare the duplicates face to face, but because you have to scroll down twice to find the detailed information I do not find it useful. I would find it easier if there exist the possibility to display the fields for my own needs.

  • To look at the overview-display to make sure that the duplicates were correctly identified (by checking the page numbers, for example), I clicked the first window described above away. Since the window with the references/duplicates in the “face to face display“ is in the front the references are arranged in series in the overview-display in the background. At the moment I click the first window away the arrangement changes and the references and duplicates are displayed in an unsorted way. In my view, the current organization of references is not meaningful. Could this be changed?


I have the same problem as my colleague. At the moment I close the first window (face to face display) the duplicates are then displayed in a different order.

Let me explain: When the face to face display is open, the unmarked references are always on the top and the marked references are listed below. After closing the window the marked and unmarked references are not sorted in this manner anymore. Sometimes the unmarked references appear between the marked references or even at the end of the list. So you have to start scrolling to find the duplicate.

Is it possible to keep the order the same?