Find reference updates changed in X6?

Did the find reference updates functionality change in endnote X6? becuase when i do the same actions in our institution’s X5 version and in my home X6 version i get different results.

In X6 my downloads via mendeley from Google Scholar (which are not complete, but it is the only way I can download a reasonable amount of data from GS) are updated perfectly, while in X5 nothing happens.

No. We did not really make any changes to the Find Reference Update feature. This feature does take advantage of institutional subscriptions to The Web of Knowledge. So, depedning on your exact set-up, this may explain the differences between the results you see on campus and at home. If you have remote/vpn/proxy access set-up at home, then EndNote should be able to pick this up and include Web of Knowledge updates for most records.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

thing is that it works better at home than at work. that would be strange wouldn’t it?

At least in the sciences, Find Full Text works best if Pubmed is “active” in the preferences.  Maybe it is on at home and not at work?  It is off by default because you need to know that if you try to find full text on a large number of records, Pubmed can interpret that as a denial of service attack and block the site.  – maybe that has happened to your work place??? 

(note added, I just realized that this is about ref updates and not FFT, so I have no idea if these settings apply or matter).

does it have to do witch a certain connection file?

we decided to skip many connection, import and style files from our installation at work, so that our researchers could not chose the wrong versions.

maybe we skipped one too many?