Find text within a record

Browsers obviously all have the ability to search across the web, but they also have a Find Text tool (usually Ctrl+F) to find text in the viewed page. That would be very convenient for EndNote, but if that functionality is present, I can’t find it.

  I use Endnote for extensive note taking for important references and tagging quotable quotes. It’s a research tool, not just a bibliography organizer. When I go looking for some text string in the notes field within a lengthy record, it can be very tedious.

  Browsers have this function, text editors do too. Could EndNote?

Yes, it is there, but obscure and not ctrl+F – it is ctrl+J and under the references menu  – called “Go to…”

go figure. 

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Wow. That’s probably been there the entire ~15 years or so that I’ve been using EndNote, and I never noticed it.

Thank you!



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