Why is searching _within_ references not possible, for instance by pressing Command + F?

I have always wondered why it is not possible to search within references. I use EndNote to take extensive notes on the books and articles that I read, and sometimes I just want to find a single term or an expression somewhere in a particular reference field. Why is there no equivalent to Command + F (on a Mac) that would allow me to locate this term or expression in a particular reference field, for instance by highlighting it in a different color?

I do believe that such a function would be a most useful addition to the program.

there is - I remember asking the exact same thing years ago, and tech support told me about it.  

  • It is “Go to” (ctrl J in the windows version, presume command J in Mac).  But I have absolutely no idea why they don’t use the more common ctrl F/Command F command, it doesn’t appear to be used for anything else in the record view window).  It is also on the “references” menu dropdown.  It only works when you have a record open. The ctrl/cmd F only works when you have the library display active and then it moves to the cursor  the “search” menu.  

True! Many thanks, Leanne. I asked tech support that question this morning and they suggested that I should post it here as an idea. So maybe the idea should then be to align the two commands? And to harmonize them with the rest of the world?

But in any case, many thanks for such a rapid and helpful response! I have been using EndNote for more than a decade now, and had never even seen that command in the references menu.