French traditional style

Hey there, 

I write this post because I did not find the citation style I need, I tried to make it up with the editor but failed. Here are some examples of what I need:

  1. David L. Wank, Commodifying communism, Business Trust and Politics in a Chinese City, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1999 (2001).
  2. Ian Bremmer, “The Return of State Capitalism,” in Survival. Global Politics and Strategy, Climate Catastrophe? 50/3, Philadelphia, Routledge, 2008, p. 55-64.
  3. Atul Xxxx, Title, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Do you know if this style has a name so that I can download it ?

All this bibliography goes into footnotes, with a final bibliography afterwards. Books quoted twice are presented this way:

  1. Ruth Berins Collier and David Collier, Shaping the Political Arena, op. cit., p. 393ss.

The results of my own style are very weak:

  1. Alice, A. (1989). Title. Oxford, Oxford University Press
  2. Bob, M. (2010). “The Title” Perspectives on Politics 8/3 : 802-924.


Any advices ?

thank you!