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Good afternoon, 

I am a French student writing a thesis. I am new to EndNote and I am not very familiar with this kind of software.

I did not find any style that matches the French one (unfortunately it is compulsory to use this style for my thesis). 

I did not try all styles because they are about 5000.

This is how French reference style works: 

In the footnotes: 

For a journal article: 

Authorlastname, Authorfirstname. “Article title”. _Journal _issue (year): pages.

For a book: 
Authorlastname, Authorfirstname. Title in italic. Place published: Edition, Year.

For a book chapter:

Authorlastname, Authofirstname. “Chapter title”. Book title in italic. Book author, Place published, Year.

For a journal article: 

Authorlastname, Authorfirstname. “Article title”. _Journal in italic _issue (year): pages.

In the bibliography: 

For an article: 

AUTHORLASTNAME, Authorfirstname, “Article title”, Journal in italic, year, volume, issue, pages.

For a book: 

AUTHORLASTNAME, Authorfirstname, _Book title in italics. _Place published : edition, year, number of pages. 

Could someone help me finding or creating a style that would match the French one?

I tried to edit the ABNT style but I didn’t succeed (for instance, the author’s last name stayed in capital letters in the footnotes).

It would help me very much. I am having a hard time trying to do it. Otherwise I’m going to do it all without EndNote. 

Thank you very much for your attention. 

First, you might want to check-out this EndNote X7 Style Editing Guide now available for download thread.  

How do you cite in the text itself?     This looks very close to Chicago 16th A  – if you need the footnote/bibliography style, or Chicago 16 B if (Author Year, cited pages).      


Thank you very much for helping me. 

I can’t find Chicago 16th B and 16th A. 

The only styles that appear are “Chicago 16th Author-Date” and “Chicago 16th Footnote”. 

How could I get them on my software?

Sorry about that.  I am not sure where I got them, but these (attached) are in my style collection.  

http://endnote.com/downloads/styles  search for “journal name” Chicago and you will see some variants that are close.  You can get to this styles download page, from Endnote, help menu (Endnote Output Styles) - I suspect they have renamed them for clarity.  
Chicago 16th A.ens (76.2 KB)
Chicago 16th B.ens (25.2 KB)