full first name appears in reference list

I recently upgraded my Mac to Maverick and upgraded from EndNote5 to EndNote 6, and now the entire first name appears in my reference list. I double-checked to make sure it is set to APA 6 style.  Any suggestions?

You double checked that it is the one used in Word or in Endnote.  It needs to be assigned in the word document itself?  

I don’t see an APA 6th listed on the Endnote website -just a bunch of ones with longer names -including one with the addition of “full name”.

You can try the version I have which is attached to see if it is different than the one that came with your new installation?

Finally, does this only happen with some authors and not with all?  If that is the case, it maybe that you have two papers quoted with similar but not identical author names.  Endnote can’t determine if they are the same author or two different authors and then uses APA rules to “disambiguate” them.  (Although that usually applies to their use in the citation and not in the reference list.) 

APA 6th-X7.ens (65.3 KB)

The current version of the APA 6th Style can be found here:


If you search for APA, it comes up as “APA 6th - American Psychological Association 6th Edition” here:


It formats with just the author’s first (and middle if available) initials instead of the full names in the bibliography.

Hi Ricardo,

Is it just for one citation or the whole reference list? I had this happen with one in-text citation and couldn’t figure out why this one name appeared in full. I had already cited a different work by the same author and it was fine. Then I took a close look at the reference that was imported: the period after the middle initial was missing, so EndNote figured it needed to distinguish (per APA guidelines I would think but I’m not sure). Anyway, changed the reference by adding the period and it fixed the in-text citation.

Upshot: if it’s a single citation by an author you’ve already cited, you may want to check that the name(s) in all references to the same author are spelled exactly the same. I know this might not address your specific question, but I hope this in some way helps. If your entire reference list is showing full names, I’m not sure what to do. Sorry. Hope you get it fixed.

If the entire reference list is showing the full author name, it is the Initials setting of the Style. Installing the most up to date version of APA from our Site will fix the issue:


As an alternative, you can edit the existing style to do this.

  1. Click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager.
  2. Browse to the APA style and double-click on it.
  3. Click on “Author Name” under “Bibliography.”
  4. Change the “Initials” setting to “A. B.”
  5. Click on the File menu and select Save As.
  6. You can either leave APA 6th Copy or pick a new name and click Save.
  7. Close the Style and the Style Manager.

You can now format your document with the updated copy of the Style:


Hello everybody,

I’m using the APA 6th ed. but I’m struggling to fix citations in the text. According to the APA style citations should be like this:

(Farrel, Brown, & Juls, 2013) or this (Farrel et al., 2013) when there is more than one Author and the citation has to be repeated for the second time.

My EndNote changes the citation (Farrel et al., 2013) into (Farrel, 2003), which is wrong according to the APA. It doesn’t include other AUTHORS, although I have fixed the settings Edit & Manage Citations, (Author and Year).

There is also another problem, EndNote adds author’s name (when it is not requested) , for eg. (J. Farrel, M. Brown, & G. Juls, 2013), where the J. M. G. stand for the Author’s name.

How do I get over it? Is there anyone who could help me? I have already kept in touch with the techinical assistance and I have followed their indication but still it doesn’t work.

If you can attach the exact output style you are using, it will be easier to spot the error.  – Or try to download a new version of the output style and use that?  

The settings are in the screen shot attached.  It sounds like you have lost the last et al in the subsequent citing box?  

Make sure you save to a new name and that the new output style is selected in the word document on the EndnoteX7 ribbon or toolbar. 

The initials problem:  See this knowledgebase entry:  http://endnote.com/kb/82224 

The initial settings are shown in the attachment.  

Thanks a lot for your reply! I will try!:slight_smile: