Full stop and bracket appearing in reference

In a couple of records I have a full stop before a title and part of a bracket appears in the reference.  There are no spaces or extra lines in the record so I cannot understand where they are coming from. There is nothing complicated in the reference and it is only a book. Any ideas please? I didn’t look this up sorry.

Can you attach the output style that you are using?  It is probably because a field that you have empty is still incorporating the surrounding punctuation due to not being delineated by the | (separate)  and “link adjacent” characters.  Can you also paste in examples of the wrong output so we know in with ref type (book, edited book, book chapter?) we should look?

Hi Leanne

When you say output style do you mean the Chicargo 16 a that I am using??

Wow that is too complicated for me. I have just started this… How do I atttach an output style?

In any case I have forgotton which records they are. I was going to alter it manually when I did my footnotes.  I have redone  my book and jornal  references in endnote and now I have putting footnotes in my text. I had just put them in the text while I was waiting to get going with the programme.  But I have done over 80 references and these were the last two . I must say there is a lot of alteration to be done from my library into endote to get the right fields and then to get short version. 

I will have to wait until it happens again. I thought I would ask as I posted another question in styles…

Can I make another template with book style and keep it for specificr record or do I have to recreate it all over again each time I use it?.  I am still battling with my primary research records. (this relates to my other question)  Re <delineated by the | (separate)  and “link adjacent” characters>  Is this in a tutorial??  Sounds as though I have to know this.

many thanks

Hello again Leanne

I have just started with my references and I am using a duplicate copy to test. Already I have come up with a problem.

In my preview window my reference is correct for Chicago. Yet when I enter the reference I get the title underlined and the date and publication in brackets. Neither are in the preview adn this is not Chicago style

 Why is this please?  I will probably get another lot of queries. None of the tutorials seem to deal with problems, everything goes to plan.

Sorry leanne

I notice the output style had changed in word endnote. So I am ok for the moment

many thanks

Most recent question first.

The style that is selected in Endnote is not the style that is in use in the manuscript.  To change it to Chicago, you need to go to the Endnote Ribbon, and change it there (it is likely to be using annotations, the usual “default” style).  If you are using word 2003 then you need to run the format bibliography tool to access the menu to make the change. 

You should consider the videos and perhaps join a webinar at http://endnote.com/training/ look at the selection of training videos here: http://www.youtube.com/endnotetraining which cover some of your questions. 

Hi Leanne


In the last 4 weeks I have watched every video for endnote v4 and above (not many in version 5) .I trouble shoot all the time and check out other forums and tutorials (printed) As I have said before my needs are very very simple. Even that last one I saw in preview and changed to chicago in word still had brackets for the publication place and date. This is not chicago style and not in preview. I am using Word 2010.

Not many of the tutorial use footnotes that is the problem. So examles ar not applicable.They cover it very briefly if at all.


I have two printed manuals and stacks of print outs as I cant sit on the computer for long.  I have read through. Most of it is not applicable and I am just so stressed with time. None of the tutorial s show me how to change the fields in a way I can understand. I am sure I have watched the videos you mentioned but will look again.

I am not even looking at bibliographies yet. I jsut know that Chicago is the best for my purpose. Also I know it so I can make changes when I see something is worng I lknow how it should look. It doesnt have brackets.

Okay - fixed that.  Sorry I am delayed in my responses. 

If you alter an output style, then you don’t need to do it again.  You just “save as” to a new output style name (with the adjusted templates) for the next time.  After doing some of the basic tutorials (links in my other message) you could do this one

there is also a nice little PDF of a  booklet called “GettingStartedGuide.pdf” which should have been installed in the program folder(x86)/endnote folder on C: drive.  Start there.  there should be a help pdf there as well, with more extensive information.  Finally - within Endnote itself, the help available is very complete, You sometimes just need to search for it a bit.   

Webinar, so you can ask them questions.  sorry- unless you come to my place, I can’t do a hands on tutorial… 

Hi Leanne

Ye i would love a hands on tutorial but even my student doesnt have all the knowledge adn she has gone on  walkabout just when I need her… I looked at the  u tube videos and  I have them in favourites but havent looked for a while. They are the best I have found. Glad u reminded me. I see one for footnotes so will look again.

I am also looking at all tutorials on chicago style 16 as my knowledge is old. Just need to find a uni that uses Chicago and endnote.

Its like learning how to drive a Rolls Royce when you drive a scooter!


I wont bother you again. Wellllll not for a while.

Not a bother, but  do try to sign up for a webinar, which gives you the chance to ask questions?  – Where in the world are you.  I need a vacation (grin, walkabout conjures up Australia!?) 

added in edit:  - ah yes YOU ARE IN Australia, I now remember when all these threads started!

Yes I was thinking the same thing.  No we are the forgotten State although we create all the wealth!!!

I would go to a seminar in a heartbeat. Trouble is all the uni’s have their own 'experts" and I am  not a student now.


www.endnote.com/training offers the webinars via joining them your computer. 

Hi Leanne

No nothing on at the moment and I am not connected to skype. At this stage I am over the worst. Plus can’t sit on computer for any length of time, so a bit of a pain so to speak!

I now have to find a style for my public records and newspapers. Because they dont have to go into the bibliography I can open another library using a suitable style if I can find one. 60%+ of my work is primary source material and they are a real pain. I still cant sort out newspapers that don’t have a title or author. They are just not showing up in Chicago when I use other fields such as date and place of publication. Currently I am thinking of using notes in word - like a templare.

So my training requirements are very specific.

So I am battling on. At least I have sorted out my ther problem thanks. I also changed the para so now they are closer to the margin and I have got rid of the double  spacing. Lets see if I cn get the style to hold.

many thanks

The newspaper articles without a title?  How does that work?  Can you give me an example? 

I do know that when critical fields are empty or identical - Endnote can interpret them as duplicates and thus merge them in the bibliography, but you can turn the merge duplicates off in the “edit Preferences”  under formatting.  untick the last box. 

Hi Leane

Our newspapers went online and I can find anything from a sporting notice to birth death and marriages. Don’t forget I am doing family history. Obituaries generally have a title and so do others of general interest such as gold finds which just has a heading “News for Timbuktoo” and it is only one small mention of how much  gold was crushed form a lease etc… But mainly they dont have individual headings. In my list of resouces newspapers and public records are entered and abrieviated in series and library titles so I only need for individual fotonotes. I am not going to write out “death notice” because it is related to a section and too much work and will look too busy in the footnotes and I originally only took the newspaper and, date and page.I may mention there death notice shows that… I am not going back to retrirve them again… The online newspapers will have only one reference to say they were all retrieved from the provider even though I did retrieve a lot of them manually over the years most came from online. Every family has at least 60+ newspaper  references. I am not going to be as pedantic as geneaology writing. This detracts from the historical part of the story and I am already pressed for space. It is easier for me to have a list of newspapers in word or some other handy document. There ares ome articles I have put in endnote as they have all the required fiields. ie an interview with someone. In fact the newspapers has allowed me to put more meat on the bone so to spaeak.

So it sounds like you are going to footnote them independent of Endnote, right? 

If not, I am still not sure of what you are hoping to get Endnote to do in regard to these, and how I can help/suggest a work around.  independent footnotes (where you can insert a suffix to distinguish them, but that is manual) and then let them merge in the bibliography anyway? 

Hi Leanne

Ye I will imput them independent of footnote but want to keep a copy somewhere so I can toggle. We went off the main topic and I din’t ask a question about this…I am now using quick parts to store them but they lose the italics when I cite them grrrr. I thought I should be able to put nespapers in endnote but decided it was just as easy to infut them manually.

 My other problem was with Word. I did what you said but it changed the whole document. Yet it is supposed to be a ffonote only solution.  Now I have so much wasted space betwen the foonote line and  spacing. If I change these I change the whole document. I am now having to alter all my footnotes manually which defeats the purpose of onenote making it easier plus I cant fix the 1.5 spacing manually either… But can’t change the white space.  If I change the font I change it for the whole document. The font is in the format window in your diagram.  I went directly to modify style by right clicking in styles. I couldnt find out how to ge there, but I see now the diagram is actuall the drop down box in Modify style.

I have been checking all reference material I found on the internet and I  cant see how I can change this for footnotes. Also  when I repeat a citation I dient aways get “ibid” even though it is the next reference.  I do not expect you to solve my word problems…

I edit a website and never had so many problems when I learned how to do this. I dont know word 2010 very well yet. I posted to a  word 2010 forum but I never get replies.

 The other problem I posted about  is getting the field I filled in in manuscript to show in my preview, I just dont get it. Why have it there when it wont fomat in my citation. You did say something about not being able to use manuscript with Chicago style (cant see it now) but I tried quite a few and none pick up the accession number

So out of all this the main problem is the above not showing fields in manuscript. I have a 160 page maual on V4, a 62 page manual , the getting started guiode and many pdf’s. But none give examples of my type of document. I also have the State records offfice referncing guide which shows the field I should fill use.

anyway many thanks for your interest…

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