Probably a stupid question regarding output styles

Hello all,

I apologize for what is probably silly but seem to be running into a wall here. I want to output citations such as

asdasdasdads 1    asdadsadsasdadsad 2  

and so forth, but am instead getting

asdasdasdads [1]  assasdfsdfsfdsdfsf [2]

and ditto on the brackets in the bibliography.  No matter what style i choose in output style, this happens.  No matter how i edit the output style, this happens.  I have gone through and removed all the square brackets from the style I have chosen but they still show up in word when i go to insert citation.

What am I doing wrong?



Where are you changing the output style?  It has no affect on the document if you change it in Endnote. You need to change it on the Endnote Ribbon or Format Bibliography tool in Word.  Otherwise, if you were working on two different papers you would always have to be changing it back and forth in the program. 

Great, thanks!