Endnote Web CWYW decreased number of citation styles

I have been happily using EndNote Web for a few years now. Recently, however, when I opened up Word with the Cite While You Write plug-in to EndNote Web, the available citation styles appears to have gone from many 100s to 21. I used to have an option at the top of the citation drop-down menu to select another style and this has disappeared. I also had this document with citations in the style of Global Change Biology, and it won’t update these citations in this style anymore.

Has something changed with EndNote Web or am I missing something obvious? I am running Windows 7 and Word 2010. I’m not sure which version of the CWYW plug-in I’m using - something I downloaded a year ago or so. I am very much hoping this is something I’m missing, as a change in the citation styles available to EndNote Web to this limited number would severely compromise my ability to use EndNote.

Thanks for the help!



You were seeing 100’s of styles in EndNote online because you are associated with an institution. All you need to do to resolve this is go to your institution and log into EndNote online.

I hope this is helpful!

Hi Tom,

I have unfortunatley tried this several times. I am on my institution’s campus, go through the University library website, and log-in (I’ve tried both to EndNote Web and to Web of Science) from that website, and it still does not work. In my EndNote Web “Account Information” tab, it says my roaming access has expired and need to login from my instition to reactivate roaming. Yet I have tried this logging in several times and it has not reactivated these functions.

Thanks so much,