Getting EndNote X5 compliant with the Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines for Windows 7

I performed a clean installation of EndNote X5 and the 5.0.1 patch on a Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit system. The first thing I noticed was how ugly the user interface looked. It took me a few minutes to note that the fonts used in the EndNote interface were off compared to the other applications on the system. Checking EndNote Preference -> Display Fonts, I found that the default fonts were not the standard ones for Windows 7 as per the “Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines for Windows 7” (UX Guide). The proper default fonts are documented by Microsoft in MSDN. Changing EndNote’s Display Fonts for Library, General, Labels, and Search to Segoe UI, 9pt really improved the interface consistency. Ideally a new installation of EndNote on Windows 7 should make use of default settings that are consistent with the UX Guide. Are there other settings that need to be modified to make EndNote X5 more compliant with the Windows 7 UX Guide?