Custom X5 style won't work on X

I work in an office where some people have version X5 and some have version X. I just created a new output style. Due to the holidays the only other person in the office to check the style is running X, but the formatting is not coming up on their system.

Are X5 styles not compatible with earlier versions?


It depends on what features you have utilized in the X5 style.  Some things are enhancements and won’t be backward compatible, for example, small Caps fonts in the bibliography template were not available in X.  I am not sure what else.  Also, there are additional ref types in X5 that didn’t exist in X, at least out of the box. 

Hm…it’s basically italics and other formats like that that are showing as plain text in version X. I didn’t use any weird fonts or out of the ordinary fields.

Did you save it to a new name and are they sure they have saved that style in an accessible folder? 

Yes to both.

We use a central folder for all of our EndNote stuff.

When dealing with styles, I have everyone copy the style to their individual computers in their EndNote style file. I went through the steps with her and made sure she was doing everything right.

It’s jsut bugging me that I can’t figure out what the issue is.

Example. The following book reference should appear as pasted here using the output style attached.

Acevedo-Rodriguez, P. (1996). Flora of St. John U.S. Virgin Islands. Bronx, New York: The New York Botanical Garden.

Med OEIS Style 2011.ens (29.9 KB)

Just to clarify:

  1. The style file was copied to the C: drive’s EndNote program folder on the user’s individual computer?  (And the file was checked to see that it wasn’t mistakenly set to “Read only”.)

  2. Was the EndNote “Preferences” for the “Folder Locations” correctly pointing to the style folder’s location on the user’s computer?

We got it figured out…well, it works now anyway.

I overwrote the style file like 4 times and finally it shows up correctly in version X. I have no idea what was going wrong, but it appears that for some reason the file kept reverting back automatically to the previous version when the person copied it to their computer. Really weird!

Anyway, thanks for all the help!!

If that folder is in the Program Folder endnote location and they are on a Vista or Win7 machine, they might not have permission to update it.  You should have them put and point to that folder in a User accessible location.