With everything moving towards cloud computing, I am surprised you do not have a plugin that works with google docs . The cite while you write plugin would be a great help And I and I am sure many people would pay to use the plugin-having the same  functionality as the desktop version but available on Google docs. Almost all of my colleagues have started google docs for writing research projects and the abscense to desktop equivalent version available for Google docs is sorely missed and creates an inconvenience of downloading the the paper to be formatted by end note in word . Please please please bring endnote functionality ot Google docs . That would be appreciated . The day of the desktop are long gone and your awesome software is being sorely missed .


Zotero has an integration in Google docs, it would be great to have that integration for EndNote with google docs too where it requires that you have the desktop application. Something like this for EndNote would be great, I have two devices where I have EndNote installed so copying and pasting the unformatted citation into the Google document then downloading the whole document for EndNote to format is not an option for me because they are tagged differently on both devices and I will get errors every time.

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Is there any news on this? Is it possible to find out if this is at all in the pipeline?