EndNote 21 on Google doc or Word Online

I purchased EndNote 21 to unlock the ability to add publications to Google Docs or Word Online. I was extremely disappointed to see that:

I could neither import references directly from my EndNote nor import a Word document with references online. I have more than 3000 references, and the reasearch toolbar can’t find efficiently my refs… so, I bought 21 for no reasons…

These are clearly the kinds of features that are absolutely necessary for its use.
I am very disappointed with the update. Please keep me informed when this will be possible.

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Honestly, this is why my scientists have almost all switched to Zotero, which seems to handle MS Office Online documents just fine. Peak useability for EndNote was about 6 years ago.


I think you are probably right… I need to stop that… they don’t even seems to care a little bit. Do you know an efficient way to transfer my Library with it architecture to Zotero? this is my main issue to move to Zotero?

CGarin, you might find introductory advice here: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/importing_formatted_bibliographies

Best wishes for whatever you need to do next!

I was able to start using Z with a new project, but in your case, maybe fiddle around with a subset of your references to get the hang of things and then pull over the full database.

– Rhet

I note that Wikipedia says "With the release of version 4.0 in c. 2000, EndNote attained most of its current functionality." with three citations from three different scientific journals to support the claim. Which is not good.

Fortunately for me, the licence is perpetual, and I am no longer using it professionally, so unless things change radically in the current way things are done I won’t be doing any paid updates. Though I don’t think I have the inertia to change the system at this point.

The other one I did look at is Citavi which looks more project based to me. That might be a solution for some projects I am doing, but I have everything in Endnote.

Thanks a lot for your advises!!

One thing to check is whether a word document converted to the temporary citation version can be opened and converted to the formatted state in Google docs (and visa versa, but I have never tried going back and forth). The problem is that google docs and word “fields” are not compatible. Not sure how zotero handles that.