Group sets in ENDNOTE Desktop App dont exist in ENDNOTEONLINE

It is very annoying that group sets in ENDNOTE Desktop App dont exist in ENDNOTEONLINE.
First, if you work on many topics and have subdivided your references you cant find them easily. That what a Bibliography App is made for!
Second, if you have in different group set smart groups identical it is a mess virtualy
Please install group sets in ENDNOTEONLINE

Hi donnerst.

I have group sets at endnote21 and I have them at the bottom of the list in endnote web (for endnote 21).

I have similar problem with iOS app. The group set is not working and there are the different list separates

Hi Ignacio, thx for your comment. I think it isn’t a good policy to abandon some features in a newer EN version and then reload it in the future version.
I have EN 20 bought 1 year ago and don’t like to spend 119€ for an update.



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Frank Donnerstag


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