Crazy Group set listing with thousand of copies

I´ve synced my desktop version of EndNote X7 with EndNote myweb, everything was working fine one month ago. I don´t know the reason but suddenly it began to get hanged when syncing, then I made a copy of my enl and Data files, I created a new library (on my PC) and I deleted all my references on endnote myweb, I deleted groups too. I followed the instructions provided elsewhere to reset my account.

When I try to sync my empty library on my PC with the empty library on myweb I get lots of group sets repeated (I´m talking about thousands copies of the same group set).

Is there any way to delete group sets that have been synced in the web or a different way to reset completely the web account?.

Thanks in advance

Resetting an account requires a specific sequence of steps. Could you provide a link to the instructions? Also suggest you bypass this forum and contact tech support.

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these are the steps I followed, They´ve been posted in other threads:

  1. In EndNote online, delete all references, groups and empty the trash.

  2. In EndNote desktop, please add this to the end of your E-Mail Address in the Sync preferences: #!resetLocalSync

Note that this is case sensitive – #!resetLocalSync NOT #!resetlocalsync. For example, if the email address was, you would change this to!resetLocalSync

  1. Click the sync button, you will be prompted to re-enter your email address and close and re-open EndNote.

If your most current library is in EndNote online, simply create a new blank desktop library and sync it.

I think that groupsets aren´t deleted with this method, so when I sync the account they appear again in my desktop