Help on citation types

How can I use the following citation types within the same document?

(Author , year)   and  Author(year)

Thanks in advance


You can do this easily with EndNote X5 for Windows. Using the CWYW tools in MS Word, insert an in-text citation using an ‘author-date formatting style’ - such as APA 6th - the default format will be (Author, year) - then use the Edit Citation options to change to the Author (year) form where desired. See the attached screen shot.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


And if you don’t want to upgrade, you can just select the author and copy it outside of the parentheses and then “edit citation” via either right click or the toolbar, and choose “exclude author”. 

Here are some examples (if that’s what you’re asking):

When the format is: (Author, Year)

Many agreed with the coroner’s finding that Humpty Dumpty’s death was accidental and not a murder (Goose, 1930).

The coroner noted it was “just an unfortunate accident” (Goose, 1930, p. 32).

When the format is: Author (Year)

M. Goose (1930) provided a thorough compilation of many so-called “criminal acts” involving noted fairy-tale characters.

According to M. Goose (1930), the coroner, Dr. Undertaker, stated in no uncertain terms, “For Pete’s sake, it was just an accident” (p. 45).