Help! References in Word Document Listing All Fields

I have EndNote X and have not had any problems with it this far. When I attempted to open a Word document today with extensive EndNote references entered, all my references now, instead of just listing the author and date, list every field and command entered into the EndNote database. So, my document (an important one, of course) is filled with references that now look like this:

{Add EN.CITE <Endnote><Cite><Author><Tilly> . . . . . and so on, continuing for about 20 lines of text.

And etc. Would someone be so kind as to assist me?  Thank you!

Word is probably showing EndNote’s field codes in the document. 

In Word: Go to tools -> Options -> and remove the V in front of “Field Codes”

This should fix the problem. 

Best wishes

Jan Ove Rein