HELP! Suddenly all my references are gone!

  Reopened the nearly completed Word 2004 document to finalize one paragraph before submitting and Wham! No references at end. No page numbers in header. Nothing but long meaningless co de where author citations used to appear.  WTF is going on? I should have known something was wrong the document loaded way too quickly. I click on various menu items in EndNote including “unformat citations” and at least got the short temporary placeholders, but still no references at the end. I really do not want to recreate this document (but luckily I probably can).  ***edit***! I hate computers!!! But if I copy/paste here (Bainbridge, 2004) it looks pefect.  What the heck is going on?

OMG! It was the “Toggle Field Codes”  button that solved the problem. All is well since I selected all, Toggled the Field Codes button twice and now have the same lovely document (with references at the end) that I had before I went to dinner. Hope someone finds this helpful!

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You have the same problem as this posting,

Show codes has somehow got turned on in Word you can switch this off by pressing Alt and F9 simultaneous.

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