Hide/Show Groups isnt working

A sudden problem has occured with one of my libraries - I cannot see the groups. I have not moved the .Data folder or done any other change. No matter how much I toggle with Hide/Show Groups it wont work although it does work with my other libraries. If I do scroll to Group -> ‘Add References to’ then I can see my group names. Also if I Create Group although it doesnt offer me the option of naming the group when I go to  Group -> ‘Add References to’ then I can see it as a New Group. This has been confounding me for a while. I am using EndNote X7.2.1



I suspect that the “window” of the groups panel edge was inadvertantly dragged all the way to the left?  Can you try to go to far left edge there and move your cursor just slight to the right until you see instead of the cursor being a horizontal arrow or a pointing arrow, two paralled lines with arrows poinit away?  when it looks like that – click and drag rightward.  

It worked!! Thanks a lot. Sorry for bothering everyone with suxh a trivial problem.

No problem at all.  Not trivial when you can’t use your groups!