Highlight function

I’ve been trying out the pdf reader in X6 and realized that I would have to click the highlight button each time I highlight something.

Might I suggest a keyboard shortcut to activate the highlight function?
Or perhaps, when I press the highlight button, have the pointer on highlight mode until you turn it off?


I absolutely agree. Being able to highlight and markup a PDF is a critical feature, but the current implementation of the in X6 is NOT useable! If you try to select or highlight some text, there is no indication of what text you have selected, there is a noticable pause, the screen goes blank and has to refresh to show the selected text. If you were accurate in your selection of the text, then you have to click the “highlight” button. IF you were not accurate with the “blind” selection, then you have to repeat the process. I like EndNote very much, but I suggest the developers take a look at how easy and efficient it is to highlight, markup, and make notes on PDFs using ReadCube’s software.

For that matter, perhaps it would be easiest to make use of plugins like browsers do these days for installed PDF readers/editors. My chrome browser uses 3 PDF plugins (chrome’s own, Adobe, and Tracker PDF Xchange Viewer), and I have the option to disable the least useful ones so that I may use  my prefered PDF editor (Xchange) when viewing a PDF on a web page before i save it to my disk.

This scenario allows the user to use a familiar interface for PDF editing and removes the need for Thomson Reuters to re-engineer yet another PDF editor.

Much better solution!