pdf - how to make changes (highlight etc.) in Acrobat in linked pdf & save pdf with changes to default library

Hi Endnoters,

Newbie to the group. Sorry if redundant question.

I get the following message when I try to save a pdf after making highlights/edits within Adobe Acrobat X:  “The document could not be saved. The file may be read-only…Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder.”

I want to be able to

  • open a linked pdf from within Endnote,
  • read it in Adobe Acrobat X (not just the Endnote pdf previewer),
  • make changes to the pdf in Acrobat (add highlighting, post-it notes etc.)
  • save changes to the pdf in the default library location

Any ideas? Is this impossible without re-linking the pdf with the changes made to it?

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The trick is to turn off the preview pdf in preferences in X5.  then you should be able to save it with your changes.

Thanks very much Leanne!


How can I do this in endnote x6? Looked everywhere, could NOT locate how to turn it off, thanks a lot in advance.

In EndNote X6, I found if I closed the Reference Panel by going to the Layout button in the bottom right & set Reference Panel to Off , I was able to overwrite the original file though I was using Adobe Reader to annotate. If the Reference Panel is displaying, it won’t let me overwrite when I open the PDF using the default PDF application - Adobe Reader in my case.

It is easier to just move your “focus” to another ref in the library display and this too “closes” the PDF so you can write to it from another program. 

@leanne wrote:

The trick is to turn off the preview pdf in preferences in X5.  then you should be able to save it with your changes.


May I ask you what do you mean “turn off the preview pdf” is in Preferences in X5?

I cannot find “preview pdf” options in Preferences in X5.

thank you in advance.

from the X5 manual pg 45 http://endnote.com/support/helpdocs/EndNoteX5Help.pdf 

PDF Preferences
To turn off PDF viewing, go to Edit > Preferences > PDF and clear the check box in the Library Window panel. After you turn off the PDF Viewer feature, the PDF & Quick Edit tab changes to Quick Edit. You will not be able to view PDF files in the PDF Viewer pane after you turn off this feature. However, you can always return to the Preferences dialog and turn on the PDF Viewer. 

Note: this option is not available in Endnote X6. 

Thank you very much for your explanation.

It works.