How best to prepare for a macOS Catalina compliant Endnote

I have tried without success to reply to a thread in this community regarding the imminent release of a version of Endnote X9 that is compliant with MacOS Catalina.  For whatever reason, my reply does not ever show up despite several hours elapsing and no apparent warning of any approval necessary.  So here goes in hopes of getting some actionable feedback.

Tony M, your recent reply making a prediction of a release by the end of this month is most welcome. As we await your promised release of a patch, how should we prepare?

Will the update be a fresh install of the application and plugins? Or will it patch Endnote?  Do we need to remove the old build or will the new update take care of all these things?

I have Endnote X9 on 2 Macs that are presently running MacOS Catalina Public Beta and am typing from my only Mac that I use running MacOS Mojave, which has become my de facto Endnote computer for the time being.

Please help us get back to speed quickly as I have many writing projects and grant applications that are reliant on Endnote and have been negatively impacted by the glacially slow, flat footedness of Clarivate in releasing a 64 bit, Catalina compliant build of Endnote.  

I do not have to tell you how much of a burden it has been for me, one of your long suffering, paying customers.  I should not have to tell you  that Clarivate’s flatfooted update schedule reflects an enormous public relations nightmare for your employer, at least so far as I am concerned. Here’s hoping your prediction of this month is accurate and seamless.  

The upcoming update will be like previous updates to EndNote which do not require an uninstall of the current build. Once the update is released the software will notify you of the update the next time you open EndNote.

If you do run into any issues after the update then please contact Technical Support directly via Phone, Chat or Email. We have all three contact methods on our website.

Tony, with respect this solution is not especially responsive to your customers who have already update to Catalina Pubic Beta.  Unless and until you release a stand alone updater, a patch that runs under Mojave is essentially irrelevant. 

just a test first

Hi Tony,

Would you be able to confirm whether the update you mention in your message is in place now? I have just started using Endnote for the first time (X9.3.1) with macOS Catalina 10.15 (both updated in the past 48hrs) and it is running extremely slowly with just a dozen or so imported references.

Many thanks for any help you’re able to offer.