Mac running Mojave unable to download and install 64 bit version of Endnote x9.3

I was prompted to update my x9.2 on my one and only Mac running Mojave, but the download failed and now is no longer available. Technical support says there will be no stand alone update for Endnote x9.3 until Apple formally releases Catalina.  I find it really baffling that Clarivate will patch Endnote for Mojave users when a 32 bit version suffices but will not release a patch for the long suffering early adopters of Catalina Public Beta. 

Please note that the Update to EndNote X9.3.1 is now available on the website.

can not install (test the message)

I donwloaded the file, but it does not seem to find my endnote program anymore. Before I installed Catalina I tried to update Endnote, but it did say it was updated already. How can I still update it now? Thanks for the reply 

I have the same problem. Running Endnote 9.2, installed Catalina, now the updater can’t find my Endnote so can’t update.