How can I import CSL style into EndNote?

Citation style I need to use will be available in Citation Style Language (.CSL) open format (,,) but I prefer to use EndNote rather than solutions with CSL support. Is there any way to import or convert .CSL files to EndNote .ENS?

Rather than “go there” I would suggest you post which style you want  in the styles forum here, and Endnote developers or another user might already have it, or can generate one.  Adjusting an existing Endnote style that is close is easier than generating one from scratch, but the process isn’t that hard.  There are over 5000 styles, – but the trick is finding it! 

Trying to find it is the first thing I have done, naturally. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll post it as soon as CSL file becomes public (it’s still in preparation).

Sorry, I meant to post the name of the journal or the description of the style requirements, the odds are that someone recognizes it as something close to another. - also in the styles forum, there are a large number of styles listed with some attempt at organizing them according to order of records and numbering scheme, etc, or a link to the website that lists the style requirements.  I didn’t mean to post a style you don’t have. 

Thanks for your suggestions.

I posted new topic here.