How do I match up journal and author names? (EndNote X9 Mac *or* Windows)

Hello everyone,

I’m a relatively new EndNote user. I have access to the Windows (X8) and Mac (X9) versions, so tips in either are appreciated.

I have a vast library of citations, often by the same authors, in the same journals. However, sometimes these are spelt differently. For example Lawrence A. Palinkas is spelled as

Palinkas, L.

Palinkas, L. A.

Palinkas, Lawrence

Palinkas, Lawrence A. 

And so on. How can I change the name of this author in  ALL  the references in my library without just copy-pasting his name in the desired spelling a million times?

The same goes for journals. The same journals appear with different spellings:

Canadian Journal Of Emergency Medicine


Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine

Since this is the same identical journal (I checked the papers), how can I make it so that the journal is spelt the same way in all of my references which cite it?

I had hoped changing the terms to identical ones would fix the issue but it has not. I went into the terms list and started editing them, then realised that the actual names in the references weren’t changing. :cry:

Is there a way to do it in EndNote? Surely, in a programme that’s so expensive it’s possible?

You should be able to use the Find and Replace command under the Edit menu to do these types of global edits.

I would recommend you make a backup of the library since you can not undo these changes.

For Journal Names please see the steps on our website:

Hard to do globally for author names, since they are all different.  Just have to bite the bullet.  I fix 'em as I use them.  

The journal names link provided by Tony uses the terms list, but it won’t change your records, but as long as your output style is set to pick a column (full name or Abbrev 1 usually), it will be corrected in the output bibliographies.  – Just make sure to add the the versions in a later Abbrev column so they are all resolved correctly!  

Thank you very much!