How do you like X8? Worth upgrading from X6?

Hello All,

I can’t seem to find any reviews online for X8. I currently use X6 on Windows 10. It basically works fine, but is buggy in a few ways (e.g. takes forever to download fulltexts, and can be hard to drag and drop attach PDFs to a record). I am considering upgrading to X8, but I know that sometimes if it’s not broke it’s better not to fix things and sometimes upgrades are too buggy to bother with. The main features that are advertised as new in X8 are not particularly appealing to me. How do you’all like X8?



I like X7 better than X6, but haven’t upgraded yet to X8

I haven’t found any of the upgrades super compelling but upgraded to keep compatibility with Office 2016 (Mac). Other than an initial hitch (solved by rebooting), I haven’t had any trouble.